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What to Look for in a Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Center

When choosing a hyperbaric oxygen treatment center, keep certain attributes in mind. If a center is comprised of a highly skilled medical team, uses medical-grade hyperbaric chambers, is recommended by primary care physicians, and helps treat a wide range of conditions, it’s likely a good choice.

6 Benefits of A Ketogenic Diet

Benefits of a ketogenic diet include: losing weight, decreasing inflammation, helping treat type 2 diabetes, increasing energy, lowering risk of Parkinson's disease and reducing acne.

What’s it Like Being in a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber?

A hyperbaric oxygen chamber is very spacious, enabling patients to move around, watch a movie, or even talk to a technician, during a session.

Are Concussions in Children on the Rise?

Yes, recent statistics indicate concussions in children in the United States are increasing, particularly among adolescent athletes.

What to Expect During Oxygen Therapy

During an oxygen therapy procedure, a patient lies in a spacious hyperbaric chamber, while a trained technician oversees the session.

FDA Green Lights Diagnostic Blood Test for Concussions

A diagnostic blood test for concussions, which could reduce the need for CT scans in some cases, has been officially approved by the FDA.

Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery: How to Heal

Traumatic brain injury recovery involves identifying your symptoms, obtaining the proper diagnosis from a medical professional, and undergoing treatment.

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Dr. Scott Sherr

Some of the Latest Concussion Statistics

Recent concussion statistics show female soccer players in high school are at a high risk and falls are a consistent leading cause, as well.