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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) offers numerous health benefits, including hyperoxygenation, anti-inflammation, antimicrobial effects, neovascularization, and stem cell mobilization. HBOT promotes healing from within for an assortment of injuries, health disorders and diseases, through a combination of 100% medical grade oxygen and increased atmospheric pressure, in a controlled environment. 

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is gaining interest and popularity, for many good reasons. Research suggests this all-natural treatment provides significant health benefits for patients diagnosed with various disorders and diseases, those suffering from injuries or procedure-related complications, or individuals simply looking to improve their overall health, wellness and performance.

From radiation tissue damage and diabetic foot ulcers, to concussion recovery, surgical preparation/recovery and cellular wellness, oxygen therapy has the power and capability to help restore patients to optimal health.

Five Key Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy:


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves administering 100% oxygen under pressure in a controlled environment. Depending on the condition being treated, HBOT can accelerate oxygen diffusion throughout the body by more than tenfold. Increasing oxygen saturation activates a variety of beneficial responses. Notably, these include stimulation of anti-inflammatory markers, enhancement of white blood cells and immune factors, and mobilization of stem cells, all of which help to repair dysfunctional tissue. If there are areas starved for oxygen, saturating the blood and tissue with oxygen and stimulating these growth factors can help both repair the deficit and heal the underlying condition.


One of the beneficial effects stimulated by hyperoxygenation is a significant decrease in anti-inflammatory markers. While there are several anti-inflammatory biochemicals manipulated with treatment, HBOT reduces certain particularly inflammatory cytokines—including IL-6, IL-1B, and IL-2—and promotes the body’s natural production of anti-inflammatory compounds, including regulatory T cells. As inflammation is quelled, the body is able to respond to underlying dysfunction more appropriately, including those caused by chronic wounds, infections, post-surgical complications, concussions and TBIs (traumatic brain injuries), and inflammatory disorders such as IBD (inflammatory bowel disease), among many others.


Another mechanism of hyperbaric oxygen therapy is its antimicrobial effect, particularly on bacteria that require a low-oxygen environment to thrive. HBOT enhances numerous functions of the immune response, weakens infection-causing bacteria, and works synergistically with antibiotics to increase their overall efficacy. Together, these effects destroy or inhibit the growth of those microorganisms capable of injuring their host by competing for metabolic resources, destroying cells or tissues, or secreting toxins. This treatment is particularly useful in dealing with infections such as necrotizing fasciitis, osteomyelitis, as well as chronic soft tissue infections. In conjunction with its anti-inflammatory properties, hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps decrease tissue damage and ward off the expansion of these infections.  


Neovascularization is the natural formation of new blood vessels. A lack of appropriate blood flow can lead to devastating effects on otherwise healthy tissue. Radiation treatment, diabetes, chronic wounds and recent injury, among other conditions, can all deprive tissue of a robust blood and oxygen supply. HBOT directly stimulates the formation of new capillaries, which help carry greater quantities of blood and oxygen to starved tissues. Studies have shown this process to be particularly beneficial in helping to heal diabetic wounds, radiation cystitis, and failed skin grafts and flaps.  


Hyperoxygenation also promotes the mobilization of stem cells from the body’s own bone marrow. Studies have shown an eight-fold increase in stem cells measured in the blood after a series of 20 HBOT treatments. Stem cells are able to differentiate into almost any type of tissue, making them a valuable resource for regeneration and repair. In combination with the other mechanisms, stem cell mobilization plays an important role in the healing benefits of HBOT.

In conclusion, HBOT provides a multitude of benefits for individuals with diverse health conditions, extending beyond the five mentioned. Hyperbaric Medical Solutions proudly operates five locations along the east coast, ensuring accessibility for our patients. If you believe you could benefit from this treatment, we invite you to contact our office for more information: 516-588-1836


Experience The Benefits of HBOT at Hyperbaric Medical Solutions

At our state-of-the-art HBOT clinics, overseen by world-renowned medical experts, we prioritize your health and safety. Our personalized treatment plans are designed to harness the full potential of HBOT, offering unparalleled benefits for your skin.

At Hyperbaric Medical Solutions, safety is our highest priority. To that end, every patient at our clinics is seen and cleared by a certified hyperbaric professional to ensure all potential contraindications are addressed prior to going into a hyperbaric chamber. Additionally, all patient treatment plans are individually prepared by a hyperbaric board-certified physician, and each session is closely supervised by hyperbaric certified medical staff and trained technicians.

To ensure your safety and maximize the effectiveness of your treatment, we strongly urge that you receive hyperbaric oxygen therapy under strict medical supervision.

In conclusion, hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) offers numerous health benefits, including hyperoxygenation, anti-inflammation, antimicrobial effects, neovascularization, and stem cell mobilization. With its potential to enhance overall health and address various medical conditions, HBOT is a valuable treatment option. For more information or to schedule a consultation, click here.


Hyperbaric Medical Solutions is an independent HBOT provider with three New York locations across Long Island and Manhattan. Download our free eBook to learn more about the many benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

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Written by Alan Katz, MD, FUHM, FACEP, FAAEM

Dr. Alan Katz, National Medical Director of Hyperbaric Medical Solutions (HMS), is double board certified in Emergency Medicine and Hyperbaric Medicine. He directs clinical operations, as well as education and research initiatives for HMS, particularly in exploring the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy....

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