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Case Study: Athletes Torn Meniscus Healed with PRP, without Surgery

In this case, PRP and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy helped a patient with a torn menisicus avoid surgery and recover quickly.

HGTV “Flip or Flop” Star Uses Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Christina Hall, HGTV TV Star uses Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy as part of a healing and optimal health protocal.

Why Jay Leno is Being Treated with Hyperbaric Oxygen for his Burns

Jay Leno uses Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy as part of treatment for third degree burns.

Case Study: Complete Healing from Painful, Frequent Urination after Radiation Damage from Prostate Cancer Treatment

In this case, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy helped a patient with delayed radiation damage from prostate cancer, suffering from painful frequent urination.

Hyperbaric Medical Solutions - Celebrating 10 Years!

Hyperbaric Medical Solutions Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary. It was 10 Years ago today that HMS saw its first patient - a great start to our journey!

HMS Opens New Lake Success, NY Location

HMS opens new hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) location in Lake Success, NY.

HMS Expands to New England

HMS is excited to announce the acquisition of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Centers (HOTC) in Randolph, MA, just south of Boston.

Research Continues For The Potential Role of HBOT in Treating COVID-19 Cases

Promising results from a preliminary report from a doctor in Wuhan, China inspires researchers around the globe to test the effects of HBOT on COVID-19.