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Get Started with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

We are excited that you are taking the next step towards healing for yourself or a loved one. 

Benefits of HBOT Include:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Improves immune response
  • Anti-infectious
  • Increases circulation
  • Stem cell mobilization for healing and regeneration

After completing this form, a member of our team will contact you directly with next steps! 

What to Expect Next:

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Consultation Set-up

Our medical staff will reach out to you by the next business day via phone and/or email to discuss next steps, answer any initial questions you have and schedule your personalized consultation with a member of our medical team. Consultations are generally covered by insurance.

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Personalized Consultation

One of our experienced, trained medical professionals will guide you through the HBOT process, assess your health goals, and determine if you’re a good candidate for HBOT. During your consultation, our medical team will develop a customized treatment plan for you, including the number of recommended treatments, session length and prescribed pressure.

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Arrive and be greeted by our friendly front-desk staff and be seen right away. Before every treatment, our medical staff will check your vitals, offer a choice of entertainment and perform a safety check. Ahead of your first treatment session, think about what type of entertainment you’d like to enjoy during your session from movies to TV series, to audiobooks or podcasts.