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Diabetes Awareness Month: HBOT Healing Wounds and Saving Lives

November is National Diabetes Awareness month. Unfortunately, diabetes is a growing epidemic, debilitating millions of Americans. While prevention is the top priority, the

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Veteran Suicide - "Project 22" Aims to Raise Awareness

A cross country motorcycle ride, 6,500 miles from San Francisco to New Orleans to New York, tells the story and powerfully raises awareness of veteran suicide - an

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Manhattan HBOT Office Now Open

HMS Takes Manhattan! We are very happy to announce that our Manhattan HBOT office is now open!  Located at 160 East 32nd Street, Hyperbaric Medical Solutions - Manhattan Read More

Three-Year Anniversary from the Medical Director

An Exhilarating Three Years. This past weekend Hyperbaric Medical Solutions celebrated its third anniversary. As the medical director, this achievement brought me to Read More

HBOT for Chronic Wounds Caused by Radiation Treatment

HBOT for Chronic Wounds Caused by Radiation TreatmentFor some cancer patients, hyperbaric oxygen therapy can help resolve chronic wounds caused by radiation treatment.

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Treating Radiation Damage with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has been used in various forms since the 1600’s but became more widely recognized for its clinical medicinal uses in the early 19th century.

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HBOT and its Role in Recovery

What is “recovery”? And how might hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT)  help?

Most people think of “recovery” in a medical or health-related context. A person may be hurt or

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HMS Open House Saturday, September 24

HMS is excited to announce its Open House on Saturday, September 24, from 2pm-6pm, at its Medford location.   We welcome you to stop by with family and friends to discover

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