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Reflection: Impact of Concussions & Effective Treatment

Dr. Omalu highlights the impact of concussions to our youth in contact sports. Even with precautions, concussions will occur. What treatments are available?

Veteran Suicide - "Project 22" Aims to Raise Awareness

Veteran Suicide is a major epidemic, claiming 22 veterans per day to suicide! More soldiers have been lost at home to suicide than in combat.

ESPN: Joe Namath Uses HBOT As Concussion Treatment

Former NY Jets QB, Joe Namath, Tells ESPN Experience with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) As Concussion Treatment, Yet ESPN's Focus Still Off The Mark

Written By

Dr. Scott Sherr

Concussion Treatment - HBOT's Efficacy Under Pressure

The NYT's exploration of HBOT as a concussion treatment, while exciting, misses on several fronts. Read more hear to see why!

Veterans Day 2014

Veterans Day 2014

Inside Edition HBOT Story

Inside Edition HBOT Story

American Legion NY Convention - 2014

American Legion NY Convention - 2014

Three-Year Anniversary from the Medical Director

Three-Year Anniversary from the Medical Director.