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How to Increase Insulin Sensitivity

At Hyperbaric Medical Solutions (HMS), we see many patients suffering from diabetes, which reduces a person’s insulin sensitivity, and the disease's devastating side

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Have Diabetes? Learn About The Sores On Your Feet

Diabetes is a disease characterized by high-glucose (aka blood sugar) levels. Not only must you monitor your diet, cholesterol, blood pressure, and possibly take insulin,

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4 Tips For Diabetic Wound Care

Diabetic foot ulcers are non-healing wounds that develop on the bottom or side of a person’s foot, and are common side effects among those with diabetes. These are serious

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7 Common Side Effects of Diabetes

Diabetes—an endocrine system disorder characterized by the body's inability to properly utilize insulin to maintain blood glucose levels—has many health side effects, and

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Diabetes and Wound Healing: How Oxygen Therapy Could Help

Diabetes is frustrating and difficult to manage on a day-to-day basis. Depending on the type of diabetes you have—Type 1 or Type 2—there are several complications you may

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy as a Diabetic Foot Ulcer Treatment

According to the nonprofit American Diabetes Association, there were 29.1 million Americans living with the disease as of 2012 and an additional 86 million Americans 20

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Many of us take the durability of our feet for granted. We push them to the extreme and hope they will feel better by morning. But what happens when they don't and that

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Diabetes Awareness Month: HBOT Healing Wounds and Saving Lives

November is National Diabetes Awareness month. Unfortunately, diabetes is a growing epidemic, debilitating millions of Americans. While prevention is the top priority, the

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Manhattan HBOT Office Now Open

HMS Takes Manhattan! We are very happy to announce that our Manhattan HBOT office is now open!  Located at 160 East 32nd Street, Hyperbaric Medical Solutions - Manhattan Read More

Three-Year Anniversary from the Medical Director

An Exhilarating Three Years. This past weekend Hyperbaric Medical Solutions celebrated its third anniversary. As the medical director, this achievement brought me to Read More

Bringing Peggy Back

Bringing Peggy Back Smiling again! In March 2013, we met a lovely lady at our Woodbury office, her name is Peggy.  Peggy had been diagnosed with dementia a few years ago Read More

HBOT and its Role in Recovery

What is “recovery”? And how might hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT)  help?

Most people think of “recovery” in a medical or health-related context. A person may be hurt or

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