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Causes of Hematuria: Consider This

One possible cause of hematuria that you may not have considered is delayed radiation damage, as a result of receiving radiation therapy.

How Long Does It Take to Recover From Radiation Treatment?

There isn't a set timeline for when a person will recover from radiation treatment; it varies, depending on different factors, including the type and location of cancer and the length of time someone received treatment.

What To Do When Suffering Radiation Treatment Side Effects

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has joined the ranks of more traditional remedies to consider when determining how to treat radiation treatment side effects.

Possible Effects of Radiation Exposure from Cancer Treatment

Radiation exposure from cancer treatment may lead to serious health conditions down the road. This is known as delayed radiation injury.

What are Some Reasons for Jaw Pain?

Some reasons for jaw pain include TMD and arthritis. However, you may not have considered radiation damage as another possible explanation.

The Next Step: What to Do After Radiation Therapy

After radiation therapy, consider receiving hyperbaric oxygen therapy to help avoid side effects caused by delayed radiation injury.

Symptoms of Delayed Radiation Injury

Some symptoms of delayed radiation injury include trouble swallowing, excessive dry mouth, abdominal pain, proctitis, and chest wounds.

Find Relief from Symptoms of Radiation Damage

If you notice radiation damage symptoms post-radiation therapy, inquiring about hyperbaric oxygen therapy and changing your diet may help.