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9 Head Injury Symptoms

Head injury symptoms include cognitive, sensory, behavioral and emotional changes. Headaches, nausea and sensitivity to light are several examples.

How Much Does Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Cost?

The cost of hyperbaric oxygen therapy varies, depending on whether or not your insurance will pay for it, and the severity of your symptoms.

What is Anoxia?

Anoxia is a serious medical condition characterized by a lack of oxygen being delivered to an organ or tissue in the body.

Diabetes and Wound Healing: How Oxygen Therapy Could Help

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy could help patients with diabetes by improving the wound-healing process of diabetic foot ulcers.

Decompression Sickness Symptoms

Symptoms of decompression sickness vary, but can include joint pain, fatigue, paralysis, skin rashes or itchiness, and muscle weakness.

The Next Step: What to Do After Radiation Therapy

After radiation therapy, consider receiving hyperbaric oxygen therapy to help avoid side effects caused by delayed radiation injury.

What is an Effective Treatment for Someone After a Stroke?

One alternative treatment for someone after he or she has a stroke is hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which exposes him or her to pure oxygen.

HMS Joins Mount Sinai Health Partners IPA

Hyperbaric Medical Solutions is proud to announce a new partnership with Mount Sinai Health Partners, a branch of Mount Sinai Hospital.