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Case Study: College Athlete Recovers from Post-Concussion Symptoms

In this case, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy helped a patient with post-concussion syndrome heal and recover from all symptoms of brain injury.

9 Head Injury Symptoms

Head injury symptoms include cognitive, sensory, behavioral and emotional changes. Headaches, nausea and sensitivity to light are several examples.

How Long Does a Concussion Last?

Every brain injury is unique, and therefore, there isn't a definitive timeline on exactly how long your concussion will last.

Long-Term Effects of Concussions

Long-term effects of concussions include headaches, personality changes, depression, memory issues, and sensitivity to light and/or sound.

Reflection: Impact of Concussions & Effective Treatment

Dr. Omalu highlights the impact of concussions to our youth in contact sports. Even with precautions, concussions will occur. What treatments are available?

ESPN: Joe Namath Uses HBOT As Concussion Treatment

Former NY Jets QB, Joe Namath, Tells ESPN Experience with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) As Concussion Treatment, Yet ESPN's Focus Still Off The Mark

Written By

Dr. Scott Sherr

HBO Therapy for traumatic brain injury - Oklahoma State University study

HBO Therapy for traumatic brain injury - Oklahoma State University study