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5 Holistic Health Services You May Not Have Heard of


Like most people, you probably know about yoga and chiropractic adjustments. But there are other holistic health treatments that are less well-known, but no less worthy when it comes to making people feel better.

Here are 5 holistic health services that may have been under your radar until now:


1. Homeopathy 

Homeopathy is a holistic health therapy that aims to help the body heal itself with natural remedies. It follows “The Law of Similiars,” which is the idea that something that causes your symptoms could actually address your condition as well.

While you may not know much about homeopathy, it is becoming increasingly more popular in America than it was years ago. According to 2015 National Health Statistics Reports, a part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there has been a “small but significant linear increase in the use of homeopathic treatment.”


2. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Breathing is key to survival. But breathing pure oxygen can also provide health benefits. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, also referred to as HBOT, can help people suffering from various ailments and illnesses.

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Here's how it works. Lying or sitting in a hyperbaric chamber, you simply breathe in oxygen at an increased pressure so your body can absorb up to 1200 percent more of it. A session can vary in length, depending on the patient’s symptoms and severity of their condition. At your initial consultation, you will speak with a certified medical professional who will determine how many times a week you should get HBOT and how long each session should last. Once HBOT is approved, this professional will make sure every session runs smoothly.


3. Reiki 

Reiki is a Japanese type of natural medicine that involves using the body's energy to promote healing. A reiki healer places their hands on specific areas of a patient’s body, such as the head and back, in a particular sequence. Some benefits of reiki therapy include encouraging recovery, as well as managing anxiety and stress levels and promoting relaxation.


4. Trigger Point Therapy 

According to the National Association of Myofascial Trigger Point Therapists, trigger points are a source of pain for many people, leading to "stiffness and tension, physical limitation and loss of normal function.”

Trigger point therapy treats people who are seeking natural, chronic pain relief. It can include lower back pain as a result of a car accident or knee pain due to a sports-related injury. During a session, which typically lasts about 20 minutes, a trained, certified professional injects a small amount of lidocaine into a specific area of the body to alleviate the symptoms.


5. Neurofeedback Therapy 

Neurofeedback therapy is a non-invasive, brain-training program to help improve the ability to focus. It can be used for adults and children with a range of conditions such as autism, ADHD and depression. Some people, such as athletes, who are not suffering from any specific condition, try neurofeedback for better performance.

A typical neurofeedback session, which usually lasts about 30 minutes, involves a patient watching a non-violent movie or TV show after a trained professional has placed sensors on specific areas of the person’s head to measure their brainwaves.

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