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HMS Sponsors Brain Injury Awareness Celebrity Sports Forum


HMS proudly sponsored the Long Island Head Injury Association's Celebrity Sports Forum held on March 22, 2017, at the New York Institute of Technology's Center for Sports Medicine, in Old Westbury. Along with several former star athletes discussing the impact of concussions on their lives both during and after their careers, keynote speakers Joe Namath and Barry Miskin, MD, talked about the revolutionary healing powers of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) to heal concussions and traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Dr. Miskin is the Co-Director now performing HBOT research at the Joe Namath Neurological Research Center at Jupiter Medical Center, in South Florida.

Mr. Namath chronicled the concussions he endured as a star player for the University of Alabama and later as a Super Bowl winning quarterback for the New York Jets.  He discussed several lasting effects of those concussions, or TBIs, including irritability, anxiousness, lack of focus, and significantly, a severely deteriorating memory.  

It was not until he found Dr. Miskin and HBOT that Mr. Namath started to heal. Over the course of his treatment protocol, Mr. Namath experienced dramatic improvement, including recovery of much of his memory. SPECT scans of Mr. Namath's brain taken at various stages during his treatment revealed dramatic objective results. In other words, HBOT was healing the damage incurred within Mr. Namath's brain.

Mr. Namath was so appreciative of Dr. Miskin and HBOT that he wanted others who also have suffered the debilitating effects of TBI and concussions to have access to the treatment. With an understanding that there are few centers in the country capable of offering HBOT for this condition, Dr. Miskin has embarked on a study of the benefits HBOT has in the treatment of TBI and post-concussion syndrome on a broader scale, hoping to make HBOT more accessible.  

HMS is proud to be one of the few HBOT centers in the country treating patients who have suffered concussions and TBIs. We have seen dramatic results in many of our patients, similar to Mr. Namath, including improvement of mood, focus, energy, memory, and more. HMS is also engaged in data collection of our TBI patients in order to document efficacy. It is our goal for HBOT to become part of the standard of care for the treatment of TBI and concussions.

Find out more about the benefits of using HBOT for concussions and TBIs.

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