HMS Speaks at International Society for Regenerative Medicine Conference

April 05, 2017 // 0 min read

Brooklyn, New York—Saturday, April 1, 2017—Alan Katz, MD of STAT Health and Pradeep Albert, MD of Medical Arts Radiology, who both work closely with Hyperbaric Medical Solutions (HMS), presented to the International Society for Regenerative Medicine on the use of HBOT as an adjunct to stem cell procedures. Dr. Katz, double board certified in Emergency Medicine and Hyperbaric Medicine (HBOT), and Dr. Albert, a board-certified radiologist, discussed how HBOT naturally mobilizes and stimulates an increase of stem cells within damaged tissues and in bone marrow. They also touched on recent promising research examining the relationship between HBOT and stem cell therapy, especially in the areas of cognitive and neurological performance. Drs. Katz and Albert also described positive results for patients receiving a combination of stem cells and HBOT in the treatment of urologic, autoimmune, and pulmonary diseases.

HMS collaborates with stem cell group Park Avenue Stem Cell, led by Joel Singer, MD, and David Mayer, MD, in its New York City and Long Island centers to provide a comprehensive care and healing solution to its patients.

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