Patients who have infections, such as tibial osteomyelitis and refractor osteomyelitis, are oftentimes in pain due to their condition. Depending on their affliction, some symptoms they can experience include tenderness, redness, and fever.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy can be useful to patients with such conditions, as it can elevate oxygen tensions that are commonly related to the infected bone, which can hinder the spread of infection, as well as help heal the bone and tissue.

How your patients will benefit from HBOT

  • Promotes bone and soft tissue healing
  • Elevates oxygen tensions near infected bone
  • Decreases the chance of infection occurring again

Did You Know?

Boyle’s Law: “The absolute pressure exerted by a given mass of an ideal has is inversely proportional to the volume it occupies, if the temperature and amount of gas remain unchanged within a closed system.”

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