Hyperbaric Medical Solutions is managed by Hyperbaric Associates of America (HBAA). HBAA is a management services organization specializing in the establishment and management of turnkey, full-service HBOT facilities for medical practitioners. HBAA’s goal is to create access to safe and affordable HBOT, as well as other complimentary services, to all those who may benefit.

HBAA provides a full suite of management services, including site selection, lease negotiation, facility build-out, equipment leasing, clinical/administrative coordination, administrative management, credentialing, technology implementation and management, legal, compliance, and financial support, and more. Critical to the growth of HMS, HBAA also engages the community through physician outreach and cutting edge digital marketing required to educate and bring awareness to the application and benefits of HBOT and complementary services.

To broaden its reach and enhance its service offerings, HBAA has teamed up with Allied Urological Services to form Metropolitan Hyperbaric Oxygen (MHO2) to jointly manage HMS’ Manhattan and Lake Success locations. HBAA and Allied seek to continue the growth of HMS throughout the region and across the country. They seek to work with medical professionals and complementary management groups that are passionate about the benefits of HBOT and are dedicated to creating a new level of access for their communities.

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